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IES Supports All Environmental Services And Consulting Activities

The company includes a distinguished professional and scientific team of experts and accredited consultants in many specializations. The company also cooperates with Egyptian universities, research centers, accredited laboratories, and accredited consultants to provide the best consultations and services.

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) supports all environmental services and consulting activities to meet the needs of environmental activities in the private and governmental sectors, international organizations and civil society organizations with the highest quality and technology in the fields of sustainable development and protection of natural resources. The Center for Integrated Environmental Solutions for Hazardous Waste in the Arab Abu Saed region also contributes to supporting the system of transportation, handling, and safe disposal of hazardous and medical waste in Egypt in general, in order to move towards a better future through the effective use of natural resources and reducing harmful effects on the environment, to establish a firm principle for enhancing economic sustainability as well as the environment for local communities and current and future generations.

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IES Seeks To Make

Sustainable environmental management the main driver of the various development sectors, in order to achieve safe sustainability of natural resources and preserve the environment and the rights of current and future generations. The company also makes strategic alliances with national, regional and global entities, to provide innovative ideas, solutions, technologies and methods for sustainable environmental management in Egypt and the Middle East in accordance with international standards.

Our Vision

we seek to obtain a global position as a leading company in providing services and consultations in the fields of sustainable development and protection of natural resources through its regional and international partnerships.
Environmental leadership for sustainable development.

Our Message

The environmental dimension should be the axis and the main support that serves the framework of work in its technical, economic and environmental sectors in order to achieve safe sustainability of natural resources and investment within the environmental axes, and to ensure the preservation of the environment and the rights of future generations in accordance with Egypt’s Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 and COP 27 and in cooperation with all relevant sectors.

Our Goals

Providing distinguished services in the fields of environmental services and integrated management of all types of waste (collection, transportation, treatment, and safe disposal).

Providing distinguished services in the fields of environmental and specialized studies and consultations.

Building partnerships with specialized entities to establish environmental projects.

Implementing pioneering environmental projects to improve the environment.

Develop systems for integrated management to utilize waste and raise the rate of recycling and investment in this field.

Providing the best practical and scientific solutions for facilities using the best methods and modern technologies to protect natural resources, taking into account the economic aspects and goals of the facility.

Providing training services to raise the efficiency of the human element and qualify it to work in all elements of the environmental system



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