Environmental Consulting And Services

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Environmental Consulting And Services

In the field of environmental consulting and services

Elevate your environmental stewardship with our comprehensive suite of services. From impactful environmental impact assessments and technical presentations for industrial projects to specialized studies, compliance plans, and renewable energy initiatives, we offer a holistic approach. Our expertise extends to ISO certification, environmental audits, crisis planning, and risk reduction strategies. Let us guide you towards a sustainable future through meticulous planning, innovative solutions, and proactive environmental management.

The company provides the following services:

Preparing and reviewing environmental impact assessment studies for all sectors (industry – tourism – petroleum – energy – marine environment – agriculture – infrastructure…..).

Preparing the environmental and technical presentation file for industrial projects.

Preparing specialized economic, social and technical studies.

Preparing specific marine environment studies.

Preparing environmental compliance plans, reconciling the environmental conditions of existing facilities, and following up on their implementation.

Updating and reviewing the environmental register and the hazardous materials and waste register of facilities.

Projects using new and renewable energy.

Environmental measurements in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Law and the Labor Law (lighting – noise – thermal stress – gaseous emissions – work environment – chimney emissions – total and inhaled particles – volatile organic compounds – indoor space measurements).

Environmental measurements approved for the seaports sector in light of the MARPOL Agreement, Appendix No. (6) Air pollutants from marine ships.

Preparing studies to reconcile environmental conditions.

Qualifying companies to obtain ISO and quality certificates.

Coordination with accredited bodies to issue ISO or renewal certificates, as well as any other certificates that the client needs.

Preparing and updating the environmental status register and the hazardous materials and waste register.

Models simulating the spread of pollutants in air, water and noise. (Air Dispersion and noise Modeling, Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA))

Planning and following up on the implementation of environmental projects.

Preparing plans to confront crises and disasters.

Environmental audit for all sectors.

Identifying pollution points in facilities and participating in reducing them.

Assessing and reducing environmental risks of industrial projects.

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