Integrated Management Of Solid And Liquid Waste

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Integrated Management Of Solid And Liquid Waste

In the field of integrated management of solid and liquid waste (collection, transportation, treatment, and safe disposal)

Waste management of all kinds is considered one of the most important challenges facing Egypt and the Arab world, and it requires concerted efforts among the state’s sectors to find sustainable solutions, as the term environmental sustainability requires; Reducing waste at source, reusing and recycling to achieve “zero waste” and/or “zero landfilling”.

The company provides the following services:

Collection and transportation of solid and liquid hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Certificates of receipt, tracking, and disposal of hazardous waste for the customer to attach to environmental records, the hazardous materials and waste register, or any environmental examination of the activity.

Providing treatment, recycling, recovery, and final disposal services at the company’s site or other sites that have the approval of the Environmental Affairs Agency.

Collect and transport medical waste and safely dispose of it at the company’s disposal site or other sites that have the approval of the Environmental Affairs Agency.

Services for collection, transportation, safe disposal of waste, and disposal of waste from ports, customs areas, waste, and sales.

Circulation and safe disposal of associated water resulting from the extraction of oil and natural gas.

Managing and operating sanitary landfills for municipal waste and sewage and industrial waste treatment plants.

Recycling municipal waste to produce organic fertilizer and refuse fuel (RDF).

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