Capacity Building And Environmental Awareness

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Capacity Building And Environmental Awareness

In the field of capacity building and environmental awareness

Specialized training centers (to train work personnel in various fields to follow environmental systems and procedures and provide awareness to all actors in those fields).

Institutional capacity building (training in all fields).

Environmental awareness and education.

Community participation to solve some environmental problems and crises.

Civil Defense and Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems Solutions – Design, Supervision and installation of Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems

Granting special certificates – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 5001, ISO 22000, API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2.

Training & Consulting Services

Providing training and consulting services for occupational safety and health (HSE) Training according to OSHA, IEPS, IRCA:

Calibration, Engineering Tests & Auditing Of Equipment:

Calibration, engineering tests and auditing of equipment:

Join Hands For A Greener Future

Where sustainability and shared commitment blossom into environmental harmony.

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Factories in Yokkaichi, Japan.
Integrated Management Of Solid And Liquid Waste

(collection, transportation, treatment, and safe disposal)

Organic Farmer Eco Agriculture researchers at smart organic farm. Innovative agricultural technology
Environmental Consulting And Services

"Expert environmental impact assessments across diverse sectors.

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